Security at the speed of business.

In spite of tighter budgets and more regulations, the IT industry is moving faster now than ever before in history. Advancements in virtualization, cloud, containers and application development platforms have transformed how IT responds to the challenges in business. New applications and infrastructures are being created and expanded at an unprecedented pace in order to meet the needs of the business opportunities at hand.

In order to keep pace with the ever expanding technology landscape, information security must be integrated directly into the operational fabric.

12Feet provides expert guidance in strategic security architecture, operations and long term strategy, helping companies establish more efficient and effective security programs.


CISO Advisory

Strategic guidance to navigate your organization through complex security initiatives. This includes regulatory areas such as PCI, ISO, HIPAA, etc.

Security Architecture

From data centers to clouds, establishing the right security architecture that can meet today’s security and compliance requirements can be a challenge. 

IT Operations

Ensuring that security is built into the fabric of IT operations is key to security success!

Security Programs

Establishing a security program that can integrate with the business and operations to meet the rigor of industry security and compliance requirements.