Security Architecture

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Today’s IT organizations are challenged to deliver IT resources at unprecedented pace and scale. In order to meet these demands, many organizations are leveraging cutting edge technologies such as containers, Kubernetes, OpenStack, software-defined networking and more to meet these demands.

Architecture of these dynamic enterprise solutions is a vital element to establish the capability of an environment to meet the rigor of today’s security and compliance standards.  How these solutions are architected fully determines the depth and breadth of scope for security assessments such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO, SOX and others.

12Feet helps our clients with establishing enterprise level architectures that are designed to stand up to the most rigorous of security standards, audits and assessments. This allows our clients to move at the speed of the industry while implementing these newer technologies ensuring that the architecture is built to support secure workloads and meet the demands of audit and assessment requirements. Whether implementing a new enterprise architecture that needs to stand up to compliance standards or augmenting an existing infrastructure to meet standards, 12Feet has the experience and technical depth to help.

12Feet has extensive experience in working with clients to establish compliant capable architectures that cover many different technical solutions. Contact Us today to see how we can help your organization!