Automatic Scan Validations with

validated_shotPCI requirement 11.2 requires merchants and service providers to conduct internal and external vulnerability scanning on their infrastructures. The requirements further state that the scanning activities should be repeated until clean scans are achieved.

The devil is indeed in the details when it comes to operationalizing what seems to be a simple concept. Companies struggle with how to effectively achieve clean-scans when they are scanning many different assets running on multiple platforms that have different patching cycles.

Many companies create manual file comparisons using spreadsheets to compare scan files quarter over quarter. This manual comparison process can be come exceedingly complex and time consuming.

In order to stop the vulnerability management “whack-a-mole” we have incorporated an automatic validations feature into the platform. This validation process allows you automatically compare scan data against closed vulnerabilities to prove that the vulnerabilities have been remediated on the target systems.

ProjDashStatus1-201x300Once a project is created and baseline scan data has been imported, the platform provides a mechanism to allow continuous validation scan data to be imported into that project. For each validation scan file that is imported, analyzes the data in the scan file, specifically looking for vulnerabilities that are in the “Closed-Approved” state on the platform. If the vulnerability is not present in the validation scan file, then marks the vulnerability as “Validated” noting the uploaded scan file that it compared. If the vulnerability still persists in the validation scan file, then re-opens the vulnerability and assigns it back to the engineer who closed the vulnerability.

This closed-loop approach to vulnerability lifecycle management allows organizations to not only track the vulnerability state all the way through the vulnerability management process. But have assurance that each vulnerability has been proven not to persist. will be ready soon – feel free to contact us at for more information. Or sign up to be notified when it is released.