– January 2014 Release Notes

vulnerability-managerAdded support for McAfee Vulnerability Manager / Foundstone now supports the direct import of the Foundstone/MVM Risk_Data.xml file. The Foundstone data is supplemented with additional vulnerability data from the National Vulnerability Database for use in the platform.

Added National Vulnerability Database


The addition of 2million records of vulnerability data will help us to greatly enhance the vulnerability information that we have to correlate with customer’s data. See our blog post on the addition of the NVD to

Better charting and graphing support

We have changed our charting and graphics libraries to support better reporting and dashboard functionality.

Performance improvements

Added better caching in the import process to improve performance.


Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.09.32 AMWe have added project based reporting. The project reporting outlines the risk of the vulnerabilities of the project, the current status of remediation and validation and the specific filtering rules that were applied to vulnerabilities to determine which vulnerabilities were remediated and which were not. The report is a PDF report that includes the following sections:

  • Project Summary
  • Vulnerability Summary
  • Vulnerability Validation
  • Risk Profile Filters